Energise Gloucester Notice of Annual General Meeting

Energise Gloucester Notice of Annual General Meeting
Mar 9, 2022

Dear Members,

Notice is hereby given that Energise Gloucester will hold its 2022 AGM on Thursday. 28 April in the Senior Citizens Hall, Hume Street, Gloucester.

The AGM will be at 5pm for members and followed by a Public Meeting at 6pm.

Nominations from members for the following positions will be received by the Secretary, Vicki Coombes, by COB Wednesday 20 April 2022.

Positions and current holders:


David Marston

Vice Chairpersons

Dianne Montague


Jenny Shaw


Vicki Coombes

Membership Secretary

Kerry Marston

General Committee (7):

Alison Bencke
John Watts
Neill Bencke
Pat Burrows
Paul Collett
Peter Pfister
Tibor Kovats

For anyone interested in joining the committee, please download the application form from www.energisegloucester.org/uploads/Pdf/Energise-Gloucester-Notice-of-AGM-22.pdf.

Please email the completed nomination form to chair@energisegloucester.org

Yours with energy