Energise Gloucester Solar Farm Update

Energise Gloucester Solar Farm Update
Jun 4, 2020

Dear Members,

Energise Gloucester is moving forward on the Solar Farm and the Committee is seeking support from members that could help us in some areas. We are particularly interested in support as follows:

Business Case Analysis.

We will have 3-4 different scenarios with various site locations and generation size. Each of these will have unique costs and incomes that we need to compare. They will also have unique benefits and risks. If you have skills that could help us, please get in touch.

Development Application To Council.

For our preferred site(s) we will need to apply to MidCoast Council for approval to construct. These are not complicated studies, as we only need to submit a Statement of Environmental Effects for the size of this Solar Farm. However, we need some help in assessing the sites to determine the environmental impact. Please let us know if you can help with this.

Board Members Of Co-Operative.

We are creating a Co-operative to own and operate the Solar Farm and details of the Formation meeting will come out in August. At this meeting we will elect a Board to manage the Co-op, so we are seeking 5-10 people keen to join this Board.

Prospectus For Investment In The Co-Operative.

Once the Board is formed and the Co-op registered, we will prepare a prospectus for the Community to invest in the Solar Farm by purchasing shares. If you have skills that would help with this task, we would like to hear from you.

The Committee is working with people who have skills in electrical design, engineering construction, and community consultation but there is always room for more assistance.

If you want to get involved in any aspect of the Solar Farm development, please talk to us.

David Marston
Chair, Energise Gloucester