Community Solar Farm - Get Involved!

Community Solar Farm - Get Involved!
Community Solar Farm - Get Involved!

Energise Gloucester is planning to develop and operate a community-owned solar farm. If you have land, money, expertise or even just enthusiasm, you can be involved in this exciting project!

We are currently looking for three things:

  • People who have land that might be suitable for the solar farm.
  • People who are interested in joining a co-op to manage the development and running of the solar farm in the interests of the Gloucester community.
  • People who are interested in investing in this exciting project.

The solar farm will be approximately 500kW capacity utilising about 2000 solar PV panels on suitable land leased from owners within the Gloucester region. This Solar Farm will provide a substantial source of renewable energy and deliver cheaper power to the Gloucester community. Once the first farm is underway, several similar farms are possible.

We want a substantial proportion of this $1.5M project to be owned by the residents of the Gloucester community through their investment. Hence, Energise Gloucester is seeking expressions of interest from the local community for suitable sites and people wanting to get involved.

Suitable sites will ideally be:

  • 1 to 2 ha in size
  • flat land or gently sloping (preferably north-facing)
  • cleared land with few rock outcrops or shade trees nearby
  • not prone to flooding
  • located near an 11kV power line
  • located within 10-15km of Gloucester township
  • away from busy local roads and neighbours

If you have a site you think is suitable or wish to be involved in other ways, please contact us at or ring Neill Bencke on 0407066445.

This project is supported by funding from the NSW Government.


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