Solar Farm Update March 2020

Solar Farm Update March 2020
Solar Farm Update March 2020

To generate solar electricity for Gloucester households (and others) using community financial resources and providing a return on this investment.

Energise Gloucester will commence the development of the solar farm. The Gloucester Solar Farm Co-operative Ltd will be created and registered under Co-operatives National Law. The Co-op will build the Solar Farm and operate it for 20 years

Generation capacity of 500kW using approximately 1600 photovoltaic panels in a ground-mounted array that will feed into the Essential Energy grid through a pole-mounted transformer at the site.

A 2ha site, still to be finalised, near Gloucester and leased by the Co-op.

Electricity will be sold by Gloucester Solar Co-operative Ltd through a Power Purchase Agreement to a licenced retailer for distribution and sales to the public. A high proportion will be sold at discount rates in Gloucester to energy-poor households on terms and conditions to be set by the Co-op members.

Gloucester district community people will be invited to invest in the Solar farm by buying shares in the Co-op and they will receive an annual dividend on these shares. Shares will be offered to other investors when 51% of the required investment is filled by the local community.

The total project cost is $970,000. The NSW Government has provided $460,000 though the NSW Regional Community Energy Fund. The Co-op will raise $380,000 through shares. Energise Gloucester members and other community members will provide $130,000 through pro bono inputs and other in-kind support.

In 2020 Energise Gloucester will finalise the site, the Co-operative and then the final design details. In 2021 the Co-op will construct the Solar Farm and obtain all the approvals. In 2022 generation and sales will commence.

Site development approval will be by Mid-Coast Council, grid connection approval by Essential Energy, and Australian Energy Market Operator approval for commercial sale of electricity.

Solar Farm Update March 2020
Solar Farm Update March 2020

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