Solar Farm Update April 2020

Solar Farm Update April 2020
Solar Farm Update April 2020

Unfortunately, the Coronavirus pandemic has made it impossible for Energise Gloucester to hold public meetings so work on the Solar Farm project has virtually stopped for a month or so. Committee members are still working on some background issues and will be ready to move as soon as restrictions are lifted.

We have had great community response to our publicity about receiving the NSW Government grant and we were looking forward to the public launch and to get on with it. A number of people have already indicated their interest in working on the Steering Group and we will contact you in a few weeks.

It would be great to hear from others who have an interest or skills to help with the project. For anyone interested in being involved in this exciting project, please complete the form below.

Six other projects were funded by the Regional Community Energy Fund:

We are contacting these projects to share ideas with them, the Department has also indicated that all of them are experiencing delays like we are in Gloucester.

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This project is supported by funding from the NSW Government.


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