Sponsorship Manager

Can you help?

Energise Gloucester needs the services of a Sponsorship Manager.

We are seeking a volunteer with experience in sponsorship to help us develop the policy and procedures, and then to negotiate with potential providers.  If you have these skills or are willing to learn, please contact Di Montague on Mobile 0419880804 or email dimontygloo@gmail.com.

Where we’re up to

Energise Gloucester and the Community Solar Co-op are in the final design stages for our local Solar Farm. Construction is planned for late 2021 and electricity sales will commence in March 2022.

We have received a Regional Community Energy Fund grant of $460,000 from the NSW Government and are targeted to raise $380,000 in shares from the community.

There are a range of other aspects of the project that are available as Sponsorship and pro bono opportunities. There will also be some local contracting or supply opportunities; either direct to EG or through the company contracted to design and build the solar farm.

Such contributions will help us construct and operate the solar farm using local services and/or at reduced a cost. The savings will be passed onto Co-op members, shareholders, and community beneficiaries. These contributions will be separate to Share Purchases and there will be announcements about this soon.

Scope of the Manager’s Job

Our current thinking about possible areas of sponsorship are listed below.  We are seeking someone who can further identify and put together sponsorship packages.

Opportunities could be available in the aspects of:

  • Site preparation, tree planting and earthworks;
  • Fencing supply and/or installation;
  • Insurance;
  • Legal;
  • Accounting;
  • Steel fabrication and installation for solar panel frames;
  • Electrical support services;
  • Site security; and
  • Site maintenance for control of fire, pest plants and animals.

Sponsorship contributions (separate to share purchases) could take the form of:

  • pro bono professional time;
  • material donations;
  • discounted cost for services; and
  • cash donations.

Sponsorship will be acknowledged in all reports and publications and signage.  Levels of sponsorship and recognition are being developed and you may be able to help us with this.

For Further Information

Contact Di Montague on Mobile 0419880804 or email dimontygloo@gmail.com.