Our vision

To have a viable renewable energy program operating by 2020 that is embraced in practice and financially by the Gloucester community.

Energise Gloucester

Energise Gloucester was born out of the 2015 Sustainable Future Convention.

Energise Gloucester

Empowering the community to develop and run its own locally controlled, environmentally responsible, and financially successful renewable energy programs.

Energise Gloucester (EG) has met with The Board of the Bucketts Way Neighbourhood Group (BWNG) and together we have decided to develop a Solar PV system on the roof of the Neighbourhood Centre. This will provide the BWNG with much of their electricity needs at a reduced cost; enabling them to save money and utilise more funds on their core business,i.e. projects within the community. The Centre is a substantial user of electricity for its offices and facilities, including a freezer for Meals on Wheels.

We are now undertaking a feasibility study for the project to enable us to agree with the BWNG on the size of the system, a contract for electricity sales and the time it will take them to own the system. BWNG will pay less per unit (kWh) of electricity than they currently pay to their retail provider. EG will be providing this service with funds raised within the community and from private sources. We will also generate some funds through the sale of this electricity. This money will be used for other community projects such as assisting households understand their energy usage and hence reduce energy costs.The solar PV system on the roof of the Centre will be quite large and possibly generate up to 100kWh/day. Once the details and contractual arrangements are agreed, EG will call for tenders to supply and install the system.

This is an exciting project in community energy and economic development for Gloucester.