Our vision

To have a viable renewable energy program operating by 2020 that is embraced in practice and financially by the Gloucester community.

Energise Gloucester

Energise Gloucester was born out of the 2015 Sustainable Future Convention.

Energise Gloucester

Empowering the community to develop and run its own locally controlled, environmentally responsible, and financially successful renewable energy programs.

Community Solar Farm - Get Involved!

Energise Gloucester is planning to develop and operate a community-owned solar farm. If you have land, money, expertise or even just enthusiasm, you can be involved in this exciting project!

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What is Community Energy?

Community Energy involves the community in initiating, developing, operating, and owning systems that generate renewable energy to be used for the benefit of the whole community. Community energy projects have an emphasis on local engagement, local leadership and control with the local community benefiting collectively from the outcomes.

Energise Gloucester Inc

Energise Gloucester was set up after a group of enthusiastic Gloucesterites attended a Sustainable Futures Expo. At the Expo they heard about what other Community Energy groups such as REPower Shoalhaven, Znet Uralla and Hepburn Wind Energy were doing.

A committee was formed in 2016 and in 2017 we completed our first project, the BWNG solar roof project. Our next major project – a community solar farm - is well underway. Enthusiasm within Gloucester is growing, with people now approaching us for help and advice on installing renewable energy systems.

Other projects

See our Projects page for more information on our other projects – our first installation at the Bucketts way Neighbourhood Group and our Home Energy Assessments project.