Our vision

To have a viable renewable energy program operating by 2020 that is embraced in practice and financially by the Gloucester community.

Energise Gloucester

Energise Gloucester was born out of the 2015 Sustainable Future Convention.

Energise Gloucester

Empowering the community to develop and run its own locally controlled, environmentally responsible, and financially successful renewable energy programs.

Dear Members,

By now we had hoped to be telling you about our success with a grant for the Community Solar Farm. However, the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment is still assessing the applications. We are still optimistic about being successful and receiving a grant of about $460,000 for the project. See below for more information.

Our next event will be our Annual General Meeting in November. Details about this are in this Newsletter. If you would like to join the Energise Gloucester Committee, please let me know by email or phone. We would really appreciate your ideas and help.

We are developing a new project to help you ensure that you get the best financial return for your solar system investment. Unfortunately, many people are either still paying too much for the electricity that they purchase from the grid, or not getting a good price for selling their excess electricity to the grid. Some explanation for this project is presented below.

Yours with energy,
David Marston